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There is a better way to IGA.

The Challenge

Identity governance and administration (IGA) has been a tough proposition for many companies for the past two decades. Perhaps yours is one of them. It’s obviously a necessary component of the overall Identity strategy but often seems to be fraught with challenges. Cost, complexity, user experience and executive leadership support are just a few. Unlike other aspects of IAM as part of the digital transformation journey, innovation in this space is rare and it often feels as though companies have no choice but to settle for the standard legacy solutions. But with Ipseity Solutions and IGA from Clear Skye, there truly is a better way to IGA.

So, what’s the difference?

In a word, ServiceNow. When IGA is built on the Now platform, everything just works better. You have all of the benefits of a robust IGA solution, natively running on the world’s most transformative cloud-based workflow engine and digital transformation platform. This removes the need for a standalone identity platform. Good-bye to those nagging silos and requirements for custom integrations. With Clear Skye IGA on ServiceNow, you have a single portal for all of your workflows allowing you to govern all of your critical business applications seamlessly and efficiently. Think of it! Having your IGA, ITSM, Security DevOps and GRC all together on the same platform. Your business will experience unequaled ease of management, proven scalability and complete security as never before.

The “new” normal…

It’s a part of our vernacular these days: “the new normal”. Acronyms like WFH and references to pre and post pandemic. The world has definitely changed bringing completely new security challenges to bear. This is especially true in the realm of identity governance, specifically with provisioning of resources and granting the correct access and removing it efficiently when needed in order to avoid dangerous security risks. This is another critical scenario in which Clear Skye IGA on the ServiceNow platform really shines. Clear Skye ensures that end-users have the appropriate permissions and entitlements to get their job done by leveraging the workflow automation capabilities of ServiceNow. That means end-users can be up-and-running with what they need as soon as they start working. Whether it is VPN access, external access to corporate systems or whatever they need to be effective while they are working from home. In addition, with Clear Skye’s identity governance, companies can be assured that access is being reviewed regularly by managers/supervisors and owners of business systems.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship

Ipseity Solutions is your trusted partner in Identity-focused digital transformation. With our expertise in identity and access management, we are enabling businesses to integrate IGA from Clear Skye on the Now platform. Leveraging your existing investment in Now and rapid onboarding approach that is cost effective, we are helping you to implement IGA much faster than traditional IGA implementations. Our experienced consultants will also help to manage resources and add value every step of the way. With global experience and total dedication to the success of your IGA program, your IGA digital transformation will be enabled instead of hindered.

It really is simple

The bottom line? Check out the better way to IGA from Clear Skye. You’ll have everything you need to automate workflows, manage permissions and stay 100% compliant, all in the cloud, with less investment of time and money. And you’ll have the scalability and real time integration advantages of the ServiceNow platform making your digital workflows, well, flow. It’s IGA where it belongs, only from Clear Skye. Take your IGA to the next level with Ipseity and Clear Skye.

Learn more about the Ipseity + Clear Skye partnership and our combined capabilities by contacting an Ipseity account representative or



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