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3 Benefits of Privileged Access Management

According to Cybersecurity Insiders report, 63% of organizations think that privileged IT users pose the biggest insider security risk to organizations. To reduce the overall organizational risk, Privileged Access Management (PAM) has become vital for organizations to reduce the attack surface with least privileged access controls for effective protection of organizational crown jewels i.e. perform critical business functions such as accessing confidential company information, resetting user passwords, and making changes to IT infrastructure systems.

With a robust PAM solution, organizations can ensure that privileged access is only granted to users who require it and keep the malicious actors away. Here are 3 key benefits of incorporating PAM into your cybersecurity strategy:


Today, many organizations lack full visibility into their privileged accounts, whether on-premises or in the Cloud. With a PAM solution, organizations in real-time can view who has accessed the infrastructure and the application — without high-maintenance of manual reporting.

With the ability to setup approvals and alerts, organizations can see who is attempting to access unauthorized areas providing clues to a potential insider attack. By using artificial intelligence-based PAM solutions, organizations have enhanced monitoring and alerting when users are not following their typical behavior to spot and identify possible malicious activity.


Many industries, such as health care and finance, must maintain compliance with least privileged access to comply with regulations. By using a PAM solution an organization can observe the activity of every privileged user - from employees to devices to third-party vendors - from beginning to end. PAM solution improves more than just security, it simplifies auditing and compliance requirements, helping your organization comply with regulations like SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and DSS.


With a compromised privileged account malicious attackers often launch ransomware and / or malware attacks that spread quickly within the organization because the wide access the account provides. By gaining access to a privileged account malicious actors can steal sensitive organizational data including user data – often exposed in the dark web.

A PAM solution, helps organizations in securely controlling privileged access with effective session management and monitoring - limiting access to infrastructure (on-premise or Cloud) and applications to curb cyberattacks.


Many factors threaten the security of an organization - from privilege creep to unchanged default credentials to phishing attacks. With an effective PAM strategy and solution, an organization can strengthen the security posture and reduce organizational risk.

A comprehensive PAM solution manages, protects and monitors privileged accounts in your organization to curb cyberattacks. Connect with us to accelerate and enhance your PAM journey.



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