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3 benefits of Identity and Access Management for Digital Transformation

With an acceleration in digital transformation across all areas of a business, i.e. improving current processes and creating new processes, delivering more value is of uttermost importance to every organization. The integration of new technologies is enabling organizations to step up to the changing needs of this digital age; however, it is also introducing new risks and challenges in terms of security.

The traditional approach of securing systems that simply protect the network perimeter cannot address the emerging threats and vulnerabilities with the use of cloud systems. In a perimeter-less world, the best line of defence to secure an organization is to take an identity-centric approach. With an identity-centric security model, organizations can effectively safeguard their systems and their data by providing the right people with the right access at the right time. The ability to effectively manage identities and their associated access enables an organization to be more secure by protecting sensitive data / systems. This also helps an orgnization in adopting a Zero Trust security model.

Here are 3 key benefits of incorporating Identity and Access Management (IAM) into your digital transformation strategy:


Digital transformation within an organization touches each and every business process. Employees will be given access to critical business applications, software, tools, etc. IAM solutions help organizations implement adequate security policies across all systems, platforms, applications, and devices. This makes it easier for organizations to effectively manage users and their access permissions, identify security violations, remove inappropriate access privileges and revoke access whenever needed.

With the help of IAM solutions, organizations have the ability to grant appropriate access rights based on the principle of least privilege access and role-based access control. This ensures that users, employees, contractors, third-party vendors, and partners, are managed efficiently with only the right access – reducing the overall attack surface from insider threats leading to breaches.


Many industries have regulations i.e. Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, PCI DSS, CCPA and GDPR. These regulations mandate data security, privacy, and protection that are directly related to IAM.

To prove compliance organizations must understand and be able to verify visibility into who has access to what, have defined processes for effectively managing access i.e. granting and revoking, and how access is protected. With an IAM solution organizations can easily provide the required information to audit teams to meet compliance and regulatory requirements including proper controls via Segregation of Duties rules enabled in the solution.


Modern IAM solutions use automation, machine learning and AI to help organizations automate many critical aspects of managing identities and user lifecycle management processes which dramatically cut operational costs.

With self-service functionality for end-users, business friendly workflow approvals, and automated provisioning, organizational IT staff can focus on other important initiatives rather than spending time on mundane administrative tasks.

Modern IAM solutions provide access to analytical tools, dashboards and real-time reporting for various events to support compliance and security reporting – reducing the burden on IT staff on creating and maintaining reports.


Implementing an identity management program in an organization enables a security-centric digital transformation process that is focused on securing identities and their associated access permissions to improve security, curb breaches, meet compliance and reduce operational costs.

A comprehensive IAM program strategy, well planned deployment approach, and on-going effective management of identities and access permissions helps increase security posture and reduce organizational risk. Connect with us to accelerate and enhance your IAM journey.



We provide security-centric advisory and consulting services for organizations to secure their perimeter-less digital transformation to meet business and security requirements.

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