OT Security

Protect and secure your operational technology to reduce organizational risk.

Industrial organizations are moving rapidly to take advantage of IT technologies in their operational technology (OT) environments to become more competitive. In this digital transformation, as more business-critical systems are connected to communications networks i.e. SCADA, industrial control systems (ICS), and industrial and Internet of Things (IIOT), businesses are vulnerable to OT risks and threats from cyberattacks.

We help our clients in focusing on risk sensitive assets, being alert, and defend against attacks.

Assessment & Advisory

We work with your organization to get visibility into your current OT environment and see the vulnerable assets. We help you understand risks, gaps and vulnerabilities. Our assessment also includes strategy and planning; OT security risk, compliance and vulnerability assessments; and developing governance policies and requirements.

Solution Installation & Configuration

We install and configure your chosen technology based on our years of deployment experience and vendor best practices.

OT Security Program Governance

We oversee your program or project to allow more visibility accress key stakeholders, stakeholder enagement, and ensuring that your OT security transformation journey is successful.