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Identity and Privileged Access Management is the foundation for effective cyber resilience.

Our Identity and Privileged Access  Management Services

Digital Identity Management

Acceleration of digital transformation requires organizations to maintain secure access to business system resources either on-premises or in the Cloud for employees, business partners and customers. 

We help our customers in navigating the complex world of digital identity management and authentication with a pragmatic approach based on years of experience implementing security solutions -  protecting digital assets and digital identities.

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Identity Governance & Administration

With Cloud adoption and acceleration of SaaS by organizations, the traditional approach of securing the organization does not work. Identity is the new perimeter and organizations need take a modern approach to secure the perimeter-less organization.

We help our customers in enabling a modern identity governance and administration solution with a focus on effective identity governance to support organizational risk reduction and increase security posture.


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Privileged Access Management

Data breaches are almost always the result of compromised endpoints and privileged credentials. With the acceleration of Cloud adoption it is even more critical that organizations implement privileged access security to protect systems and the sensitive data that resides on these systems.

We help our customers in implementing and achieving a least-privilege security model across their systems and applications based on years of experience in deploying complex privileged access management solutions.

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Accelerate your identity and privileged access transformation

Trusted guidance on identity and privileged access mangement to support strategic assessment and roadmaps; technology enablement; program governance; and on-going platform support helps an organization reduce risk and achieve cyber resilience.

Book a free 60 minute consultation with our experts for a trusted guidance on enabling effective identity and privileged access management.

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