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Protect and secure your operational technology and industrial control systems.

Our ICS & OT Services

Security Assessment & Advisory

Industrial control systems and operation technology systems are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks as they become more connected.

We work with your organization to get visibility into your current  ICS and OT environment. Upon discovery of the assets we work with the organiztion to outline gaps and potential vulnerabilities. The assessment services also include strategy and planning; ICS / OT security risk; compliance and vulnerability assessments; and developing governance policies and requirements.

Installation and Configuration

With the acceleration of digital transformation the number of internet connected ICS and OT ​systems will increase adding organizational risk. With the right technical expertise and certified solution experts, we help our customers in enabling a solution that reduces threat vectors  and vulnerabilities for your ICT and OT systems.

Program Governance

We oversee your program or project to allow more visibility across key stakeholders, and ensure that your ICS / OT security transformation journey is successful and cyber resilient.

Accelerate your ICS and OT transformation

Trusted guidance on ICS and OT solutions to support strategic assessment and roadmaps; technology enablement; program governance; and on-going platform support helps an organization reduce risk and achieve cyber resilience.

Book a free 60 minute consultation with our experts for a trusted guidance on ICS and OT cyber resilience.

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