Data Security

Protect the data and the crown jewels your business thrives on.

As organizations continue their digital transformation journey including Cloud transformation, more data is susceptible to breaches than ever before.

We help our clients leverage data-driven risk managment solution to secure and optimize their digital transformation journey. 

Discovery & Assessment

We work with your organization to perofrm data discovery from various sources (databases, file shares, etc.) that contain sesntive or regulated data and help with data risk analysis and classification based on business requirements and industry best practices.

Data Protection

We help your organization with solutions and engineering services to support dencentralized identity and access authentication services leveraging Blockchain and Mobile technologies.

Data Security Program Governance

We oversee your data security program or project to allow more visibility accross key stakeholders, enagement and effecitve compliance support for specific regulations such as HIPPA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc.